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Celtic Dream by xKidatashx Celtic Dream :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 4 0 Marcus(Jak and Daxter OC) by xKidatashx Marcus(Jak and Daxter OC) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 0 0 Feuille d'automne by xKidatashx Feuille d'automne :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 6 0 Kida(JnD OC Redesign) by xKidatashx Kida(JnD OC Redesign) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 4 0 Fatherly Bonding (Coco Fanart) by xKidatashx Fatherly Bonding (Coco Fanart) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 24 12 Fern(Jak and Daxter OC) by xKidatashx Fern(Jak and Daxter OC) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 11 0 Abigail(Jak and Daxter OC) by xKidatashx Abigail(Jak and Daxter OC) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 4 4 Sweet Tooth(Cuphead OC) by xKidatashx Sweet Tooth(Cuphead OC) :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 7 0 Scarlett Adeline Fletcher-Case File by xKidatashx Scarlett Adeline Fletcher-Case File :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 3 0 A Broken Man by xKidatashx A Broken Man :iconxkidatashx:xKidatashx 11 4
Scarlett Mysteries- Chapter Eleven
Quianru sighed and gestures them over to the computer, revealing it to be a Mythology site, letting the Asian American scroll over to a picture of a skeletal looking being, scrolling down to read the information provided.
"Well, this is Option one, the Baykok, evil skeletal beings that fly and can become invisible with sunken, red eyes, and a scream  that freezes victims in fright. They are warrior-creatures who hunt humans for food but the creepiest thing about them is how they are created and destroyed,  Bayboks are former human warriors who died shameful deaths after committing grave acts, infanticide being one of them but the only way to kill a Baykok is to find its original human remains and give them a proper burial"
Quainru looked over at the newspaper and observed the sketch, scrolling up and comparing the two pictures.
"Hmm.....the problem is...this sketch doesn't really look much like the picture...because compared to this, a Baykok is basically a walking skeleton..
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Scarlett Mysteries- Chapter Ten
Scarlett sighed as she changed into her night shirt and walked out of the bathroom, taking out her usual hair clip and shaking her head to loosen up her wild waves of fiery red hair, putting the simple green hair clip on the bed case next to her as she sat on the bed. Christopher was on the Hotel phone, frowning, while Rufus was crashed out and fast asleep on Lucas's bed the moment he got on it, much to the over weight gamer's annoyance as he grumpily pushed him off the bed, the action not waking Rufus up as all as he continued to sleep face first into the hotel carpet.
Scarlett scanned the room for the other three girls but other than Hayden and Violet, Quainru was no where to be found. Both girls busy setting out their notes and spreading them out until the Asian American made her welcome by walking in with a pair of cat print pyjamas on with a black laptop under her arm. Knowing the whole group is here, Scarlett looked at Lucas and nodded, gathering her phone as well as a note pad a
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Scarlett Mysteries- Chapter Nine
Scarlett looked at the path Honovi was taking and felt a pang of suspicion at the back of her mind, looking over at Hayden and Violet before gesturing to the path. As Hayden looked at her, she nodded softly , looking over at Violet as Violet proceeded to close her sketchbook and put it back in her satchel, sticking the pencil lazily behind her ear and adjusting the flowery head band in her hair over it. With that, Scarlett turned around and went on to follow the man, cautious enough to stay as silent as possible and to avoid making herself noticeable enough against the dark wood of the Native's cabin. The information provided by Vincent was enough, but some of the information wasn't what they needed, she needed to know more, why Honovi was angry with Kajika? what if the two are connected in a way? Why was he angry with Vincent instead of Rayman? the man Vincent mentioned. All of these questions have been swirling around in Scarlett's mind as she hid herself among the cabins' walls, wat
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Scarlett Mysteries-Chapter Eight
Scarlett walked up to the men, as Vincent huffed and folded his arms, clearly thinking of a way to get him out of this. The other man huffed slightly and paced around slowly, rubbing his left temple with his two fingers, as if he's thinking. But it was obvious the Native wasn't thinking at all, but rather trying to calm himself, as he undoubtedly appeared frustrated and upset. Sighing and wiping his face before glaring at Vincent. Scarlett stood in front of them, concerned before watching the Native moving his hands away from his face before glaring at her and the lanky blonde headed man standing next to her, Vincent looking at her a bit wide eyed, gesturing his hands to her to stay out of it before Scarlett asked them a question.
"uh..Vincent? what's going on here?"
The Native looked at her, arching an eyebrow before looking at them back and forth and looking at her.
"Wait? you know this man!?"
Scarlett looked at him.
"Well...what's going on here? Why were you guys arguing? I
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Scarlett Mysteries-Chapter Seven
The girl didn't look much different to her Uncle,long neat jet black hair, this time swaying down her back like a pitch black waterfall accompanied with tanned skin, though her skin was tinted a little lighter than Kajika's. Her eyes coloured a hazelish blue rather than Kajika's muddy brown. Wearing a white butterfly sleeved top with a pink trim with a pair of shorts and brown riding boots. In a lot of ways the girl looked more than distressed the entire time she was chattering on in her Uncle's language her voice was tight beyond the  wobbling and cracking as she rocked back and forth on her feet slowly like a rocking horse trying to steady itself after it had a rough ride. The group barely knew what she was saying, her language was completely different compared to English or Spanish, but from the stern yet rather concerned look on Kajika's face they could tell, it wasn't good. Scarlett walked up to them and tried to calm the girl down, only to see Kajika raise his hand, implying
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Scarlett Mysteries- Chapter Six
A man, as the figure approached it was more than clear it was a man. Scarlett couldn't make out any details on him at first until he got closer, by a more lit part of the woods. Judging by the long jet black hair hanging neatly down his shoulders and the tan skin accompanying it, the man was Native American, dressed in a what looked to be a grey poncho over a dark long sleeved shirt and baggyish black pants, the ends neatly tucked into a pair of brown boots, around 37 years old. Scarlett looked at him confused, only to remember the Native American Reservation they saw earlier. Thinking that the man saw them come in and getting puzzled at the sight of strangers this early in the season, long before tourist season. He looked at them for a while, noticing their confused stares, before rolling his eyes and getting closer, repeating what he just said.
"What are you doing here?"
He repeated a little harshly as he eyed the group with his muddy brown eyes. Arching an eyebrow as Scarlett got up
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Voltaire- Portrait by ChibiDonDC Voltaire- Portrait :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 647 51 Happy Halloween! by ChibiDonDC Happy Halloween! :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 1,226 96 Meanwhile At The Castle by ChibiDonDC Meanwhile At The Castle :iconchibidondc:ChibiDonDC 1,249 67 Jak and Daxter OC Meme by DrinkTeaOrDie Jak and Daxter OC Meme :icondrinkteaordie:DrinkTeaOrDie 111 87 Jak and Daxter Style Meme by DrinkTeaOrDie Jak and Daxter Style Meme :icondrinkteaordie:DrinkTeaOrDie 73 23 Jak and Daxter OC Meme - Geronimo by DrinkTeaOrDie Jak and Daxter OC Meme - Geronimo :icondrinkteaordie:DrinkTeaOrDie 44 16 J+D II Character Design: Cyrun by DCRoleplays J+D II Character Design: Cyrun :icondcroleplays:DCRoleplays 32 11 J+DII Character Design: Kendryk by DCRoleplays J+DII Character Design: Kendryk :icondcroleplays:DCRoleplays 21 3 J+DII Character Design: Tawniey by DCRoleplays J+DII Character Design: Tawniey :icondcroleplays:DCRoleplays 50 9 J+DII Character Design: Flint by DCRoleplays J+DII Character Design: Flint :icondcroleplays:DCRoleplays 27 4 Bonding by LoorTheDarkElf Bonding :iconloorthedarkelf:LoorTheDarkElf 8 5 Dodging Bullets by LoorTheDarkElf Dodging Bullets :iconloorthedarkelf:LoorTheDarkElf 16 3 Abstract Thoughts by LoorTheDarkElf Abstract Thoughts :iconloorthedarkelf:LoorTheDarkElf 11 6 Robyn - Jak OC by LizzieDoll Robyn - Jak OC :iconlizziedoll:LizzieDoll 84 27 Jak and Daxter OC: Kole by lorellashray Jak and Daxter OC: Kole :iconlorellashray:lorellashray 158 50 Mahala by Cutiekitty01 Mahala :iconcutiekitty01:Cutiekitty01 11 3



xKidatashx's Profile Picture
Liandri G
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hey guys!
Name's Kida
and Welcome to my page!
I'm a multi fandom fangirl and a young optimistic artist
who has a thing for bright colors
I do mainly Traditional art
and just started with sculpting masks and digital art
as well as a writer(courtesy of my Wattpad Account)
major book worm and a big animation junkie

and I hope you guys enjoy the creative ideas I come up with


Celtic Dream
A birthday present I drew for my English Teacher, inspired by Michael Flatley's act Celtic Dream!
Happy (rather late) Birthday Miss! Love 
Hey guys! I'm back,kinda... just thought of sending a little message before I have to go back on Hiatus again until next week Thursday and that is....well...for one, I'm not going to be online during weekdays anymore, mainly due to school and the lack of breaks but I'll try to post atleast something during the weekend. Whether it be an OC or another one of my Original sketches. And two, I'm currently busy working on a few paintings and sketches that's gonna be in a local art exhibition this April, so as for my more scenic stuff, I have to put most of that on hold since I want to spend more time on the painting I'm currently working on( since painting a Pedi Hut in water colours is a pain in the ***) But other than that, good news! from next week Thursday, I'm gonna be on Spring break for a week! Yayyyy, finally! this year is FINALLY giving a me time to slow down a little. Which means I might be more active and post more art than usual for a week, well, until June-July anyways.
Marcus(Jak and Daxter OC)
Name: Marcus
Title: The Cyborg
Alias: Marky(given by Roxy) 
Nickname(s): unknown 
Age: 29-30
Date of Birth: Unknown
Species: human
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Purple(basically the color of dark eco)
Eyes: dark green
Complexion: light tan
Body type: Trapezium 

Distinguished Feature: robotic limbs and heavy claw marks across his face and the top half of his neck
Scars/Tattoos/Face paint/ Makeup: minor light blue and orange face paint under his eyes(as a form dedication to his leader)
Height: 5"12
Weight: 152lbs
sexuality: None
Relationship status: Single(formerly married)
City of Origin: The Sandover Village region of  Dead Town 
Current Residence: The Northern Wolf Gang Base 
Physical/Mental Condition(s): despite the need to repair his limbs often and the now mild PTSD he still has, he's relatively healthy, more or less

Backstory: Originally from Sandover Village, Marcus grew up a relatively normal life and went on to marry a young woman from the village and have a son, until Baron Praxis abandoned his sleepy little town and built his walls further back, officiailly abandoning the residents to Metal Heads. Thanks to the Metal Heads' attack, Marcus ended up watching his entire town, including his wife and son perish thanks to the Metal Heads. Hiding away among the ruins with scars on his face and a heavily bandagd stump in place of an arm. Both gained after encounters with the creatures that took his home and his family away from him. It was only a few years later that he saw another human being in the form of scavengers from the Northern Wolf Gang after they found the man pinned under a piece of debris that fell on his legs after an attempt to run away, due to confusing them for Krimson Guards or Metal Heads. Prompting them to rescue him and take him to the base where they found out his legs were damaged beyond repaired and needed to be amputated. the Inventor of the group,  to replace his lost limbs with robotic replacements. Yet, Marcus  was too scarred up from his years alone to socialise with the other group members,only finding comfort in the rescued wild life including his muse and cutting himself off from other members and acting violently towards them whenever they want to help him or show up unexpected to check on him. This went on for what seem to be a few months to 2 years, until he was slowly encouraged him into joining into the group and start to socialise with the members, most notably the same Inventor who gave him his limbs. 
Training to become a Armourer and later a Weapons and Security Officer. Growing  to become a rather important member as he's the one behind the security guards letting people in and out of the Base's walls.

Hand: originally right handed, now ambidextrous due to his robotic arm and forearm 

Personality: Marcus usually has a harsh yet gentle demeanor, often seen handling animals or allies in a more kind hearted way, often seen talking with them in a friendly manner or handling them as gently as possible compared to strangers and newer members.his harsh and strict persona towards others  being a direct result from his position as a Security Officer and rooting from his days living as a survivor sustaining himself off the ruins of Dead Town. Despite being confident in his own way, Marcus is not the first to stand up to a dangerous situation and is usually the first to bolt from the situation unless he needs to, due to his instincts and remaints of PTSD. But despite his condition he's a generally calm guy, despite having his moments due to certain trigger, yet this made Marcus pretty, if not a really quick thinker, often having the habit of improvising plans and even items out of nothing and putting pieces of the puzzle together long before others can even realize it due to his instinct of studying the world around him in fear of certain dangers. 

Occupation: Armourer and Weapons & Security Officer. 
Affiliation(s): The Northern Wolf Gang
Weapons: Normally uses a Gyro Burstor, but does own a Arc Wielder like Pistol used in the form of a taser

Theme song:
Broken Arrows-Avicii
Feuille d'automne
my present to my wonderful English Teacher inspired by this song
but seriously, that song reminded me of the music she'd play in class sometimes so I started thinking about her and decided to draw this thing as a tribute to her
As for the picture itself? well,considering she basically helped me a whole lot with my writing and is pulling me through the Essay filled hell known as First Language English, Cambridge level nonetheless 
So I thought it would be a pretty nice way to repay her for that
especially since she's like a second mom to me
as for the girl, she's no particular character of mine nor is she from a book series, though her look was heavily inspired by Hearthstone from Magnus Chase and a little bit of Hogwarts thrown in there too, despite Hearthstone  being the primary base for her. A nice memoir since that's two of her daughter's favorite book series 
and to me, considering that's the first time I drew a character standing in the wind, ALONG with the self fabricated memoir for my teacher in her look and inspiration
to me, that's what I'm most proud of
And I really hope my Teacher will like it just as much considering, well, she basically helped me a whole lot with my writing and is busy pulling me through the Essay filled hell known as First Language English, Cambridge level nonetheless. All while encouraging me to do my best and standing up for me when the time comes, pushing me to succeed while expressing my talent and giving me the chance to tell my stories, whether it be via image or pen and paper
So I thought it would be a great way to repay her for that
since no matter what the day or how the day went, she's still like a second mom to me 
and this picture to me is my thank you to her
So Mrs.Coleen, if you're reading this, Thank you for everything you've done for me so far and I really hope you really like my gift to you 
Kida(JnD OC Redesign)
For those who stayed all the way through the beginning of my Account? I  think you probably remember this OC
Welp! here she is again!
this time with a muuuucchhhh better sense of anatomy and a more suiting outfit
as well as a updated background(I had to, it's was so damn cringey) 
and to be honest, she really ended up looking quite pretty 
much better than her first design anyways *cringes*  
and as for her new design, I feel like it suits her better
especially considering her purpose as a healer who was originally from the Precursor era. So you can imagine how freaking uncomfortable it is for someone from the past who has no freaking clue what's going on to walk around in a crop top and jeans, especially considering the clothes she was frozen in was more or less similar to the clothes up there, minus the boots

(cuz, well, she lives in the mountains, and I don't know about you but exploring around in the mountains with bare feet is definitely one of the most uncomfortable things to do  imaginable)
And she looks more like a healer who'd spend most of her time around the infirmary rather than a crappily designed Haven Citizen reject 

Name: Kidahlia 
Title: The Healer 
Alias: Kida
Nickname(s): unknown 
Age: 19-20(actual age unknown)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Species: human
Gender: Female
Hair: Violet (formerly dark brown)
Eyes: Blue(formerly hazelish brown)
Complexion: Pale (formerly tan)
Body type: Vase

Distinguished Feature: Unusually Pale skin, blue tattoos, purple hair and a Light Eco crystal around her neck
Scars/Tattoos/Face paint/ Makeup: blue tattooing on her arms, face, neck and torso, though the ink was previously black
Height: 5"7
Weight: 138 lbs
sexuality: None
Relationship status: Single
City of Origin: the City Ruins
Current Residence: The Northern Wolf Gang Base 
Physical/Mental Condition(s): Doesn't have any issues physical health wise but suffers from Amnesia and slight traces of PTSD, especially around Dark Eco

Backstory: Kida used to live in the Precursor age in an ancient city, as a normal citizen. She living in the middle class with her brother and parents, her parents were both healers. But once the First Dark Maker War came a, her parents had to leave to serve as healers for the army of soldiers, leaving her under her older Brother, Artemis's care. Her parents were both killed in an accident, and her brother died defending her from a dark maker that went astray. She ended up falling into an Eco silo while attempting to flee from the city, passing out over time, soon becoming frozen in time as the Eco silo got abandoned and the Eco in it crystallized. Thus, freezing her in time. The eco bleaching her body over time as her body absorbed its solidifying prison, keeping her alive. She wasn't discovered until Sebar, the leader of a Rebellion, discovered a cave with light blue and white crystal covering the walls, in the search for resources, unaware that the cave is the remains of the broken down eco silo. Cracking the side open to reveal the unconscious girl. Hosting an expedition with a group of soldiers to get her out, chipping her out of her crystal and taking her back to the rebellion. She doesn't remember much about her time period, most of her memory was erased from being trapped in crystal for thousands of years. But over the years of living with the gang, she learned how to fit into modern civilization, whilst preserving what she has left of the memories of her old life. Serving to the group as their healer, just like her parents have served her people once before.

Hand: Left Handed 

Personality:She tends to be very shy and soft spoken as well as caring. Though she tends to be too loyal on occasions and sometimes, even being too loyal to her job. Thanks to her Amnesia, she tends to be really forgetful quite often and tends to be provoked too easily, especially by the sight of any form of Dark Eco. Along with lacking much of an modern education, despite Sebar's attempts to educate her, leading most people to think her as either naive or unintelligent. But despite no sense of modern education or moralities, she still finds a way to be the voice of reason when things go down, even if she comes off as the former, naive and/or unintelligent. She's tends to very introverted and prefers being alone, being quite insecure about herself considering she's not from the modern time period and can't grasp herself around the modern world's way of doing things. But thanks to PTSD, She can be quite reckless in battle and does nothing more in a fight than to reach her goal and get it over and done with as quickly as possible, or simply not get involved at all.

Occupation: Healer
Affiliation(s): The Northern Wolf Gang
Weapons: commonly uses a short gun staff of some kind, usually found by the infirmary's doorway to protect against intruders, put rarely uses it outside of emergencies 
Voice Claims: Akali (League of Legends)

Theme song:
Black Water- Of Monsters and Men



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